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OTHER INFORMATION A Smarter Way to File for Social Security Disability Benefits  

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Collecting the Benefits You Deserve Can Be Complicated. Let Us Help.

If you've been injured or disabled and can no longer work, filing for Social Security Disability is a smart solution. The United States government has designed the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program for exactly a situation like yours: as a means to guarantee your lifestyle in the face of unseen, unfortunate circumstances. But with thousands turned away every year, you want to maximize the chance of your application being approved.

At Free Disability Claim, we connect you with a qualified representatives and attorneys who will help you file your claim and increase your chances of collecting benefits. With thousands of claims rejected every year, it's in your best interest to get help early in the process. We can connect you with qualified help FREE of charge.

You Have a Right to Benefits.

Collecting Social Security Disability is not welfare. Nor is it a handout. Receiving benefits through the SSDI program is simply allowing you access to a system you've already paid into. If you've previously paid taxes into the U.S. Social Security system, then you have a right to collect and continue to provide for your family.

Don't Get Denied

Oftentimes many people go about filing for SSDI in a way that results in a denial on the first attempt or a lengthy wait for approval. This is an important source of income—it's important to file correctly the first time around. That's where we come in. Free Disability Claim works to connect you with a qualified legal representative that's right for your case.

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